Who we are?

Oreve, a solution designed by manufacturers for professionals

With a fleet of around 4,500 vehicles, including 1,500 trucks, the Ortec Group has embarked on an ambitious plan to electrify its equipment. The aim is to convert 50% of its fleet to electric power by 2030 to achieve a significant reduction in its carbon footprint.

To support this approach and meet needs not covered by existing private charging stations, the Group is deploying the first network of superfast chargers on the outskirts of its branches, as well as in Industrial and Business Zones close to the LEZs. By opening these stations to the public, Ortec aims to pool the charging needs of neighboring SMEs, with the aim of optimizing daily rotations and the availability of electrical power, to encourage a sustainable and profitable transition to electromobility in the regions.

Ortec, the culture of service to businesses

As an integrator of engineering and works solutions, the Ortec Group has been working with SMEs, manufacturers, local authorities, and private individuals in France and abroad for over 30 years. Its multi-disciplinary expertise enables it to be close to the heart of the aspirations of the industrial fabric and the major economic, social, and societal issues that drive it.

Ortec : a Group committed to the climate.

A player in the energy transition.

Driven by a strategy that respects human, natural and material resources, the Ortec Group is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its industrial activities in line with the conclusions of the Paris Agreement. This ambition is reflected both in its activities and in the solutions its offers to its customers.

Supporting professionals in their low-carbon strategy

At a time when innumeroble companies and employees are committed to reducing their carbon footprint, the Ortec Group is supporting them in their environmental and energy transition. Considering the diversity of uses, it offers them solutions adapted to each need, depending on the user profile.

Expertise in electric and renewable energies

The reliability of our charging stations is based on proven expertise in the deployment and maintenance of facilities dedicated to renewable energies, in particular charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, provided by the expert teams of our subsidiary Brunet.

The advantage of proximity

The regional coverage of our branches and our corporate culture of serving SMEs and industries mean that we are ideally placed to offer a superfast local public charging network in industrial areas, particularly Low Emission Zones (LEZs).