Oreve’s network

At the heart of industrial and business areas

Our stations are in industrial and business areas close to Low Emission Zones (LEZs) all over France and close to Ortec branches. We aim to offer companies a more local service to contribute to their energy transition.

A network for every type of client

Oreve stations are designed to accommodate all types of electric vehicles. Adapted to the challenges of professional fleets, they include a charging area dedicated to trucks up to twenty-six tons. A specific area is reserved for private vehicles and employees.
Fleets of professional vehicles
Local communities
Individuals and employees

Stations designed for professionals, accessible to all

Open to all, our stations are designed to meet the needs of professionals, whatever circumstances.
Reliability and accessibility: infrastructures accessible 24 hours a day
Performance and power (300-400 kw): optimized charging times (30 minutes)
Comfort and peace of mind: digital services to facilitate your visit to our complexes (geolocation, online booking, etc.), as well as living spaces (rest area, wi-fi, restrooms, etc.) adapted to the needs of professionals

Dedicated zones for each type of vehicle

Our charging stations are designed to accommodate all types of business vehicles (light, commercial and heavy-duty trucks) on fully secure sites:
Vans and trucks
Heavy-duty trucks