up to 400 kW

Oreve is the first public network of superfast stations, with 400 kW charging power, tailored to the needs of professional electric fleets (cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy-duty trucks). Oreve offers a high-performance, dependable, and secure solution to help businesses and cities in local communities guide the transition to electric mobility in France.
Vans and trucks
Heavy-duty trucks


Bringing ultra-fast charging stations to your locations in business or industrial areas.

for professionals

Companies & Fleet Managers
Ultra-fast charging stations for your electric vehicles close to your headquarters, customer’s areas, and your activities.
Whether you are looking for a place to charge your EV fleet or wish to increase your properties’ value by hosting a charging station, Oreve will back you from start to finish.
Preferential rates and enhanced services for your employees on the Oreve network.
Benefit from comfortable, safe, and efficient infrastructures at competitive prices.

The strenghts
of our solution

Ultra-fast charging stations national network
Great power, charging speed and recreation areas.
Fast onsite construction and premium maintenance*

*Maintenance provided by Brunet, a subsidiary of the Ortec Group, for an availability rate of 98%.

Growing national network
A local network in the heart of industrial zones and business parks, located in Low Emissions Zones (LEZs)
Bespoke charging stations for your needs
Whether city cars or heavy trucks, each class benefits from the convenience of tailor made infrastructure and facilities adapted to their specific EV needs.
Welcoming Stations
Everything has been planned to make your stay more pleasant: Wi-Fi, restrooms, vending machines (food and drinks) and automatic catering services.
An app to locate our Stations.
Geolocation and real-time identification of the closest Oreve facilities.


Oreve’s network of charging stations aims to cover the entire national territory, offering a reinforced local service to companies. That is why our stations are deployed in industrial areas and business parks close to Low Emission Zones. As a subsidiary of the Ortec Group, the Oreve network is supported by a dense regional network of the Group to install its stations close to its branches. The aim is to help companies make the transition to electric mobility by providing them with a suitable, safe, reliable, and high-performance infrastructure.


low-emission zone, or LEZ, is an area comprising roads where the most polluting vehicles are restricted to a specific route, as defined by the local authority. The aim is to reduce emissions of atmospheric pollutants and improve local air quality to reduce the impact of pollution on the health of residents and other users (students, workers, etc.) affected by the LEZ.

As of 1 January 2023, there are 11 LEZ in continental France: The Euro metropolis of Strasbourg; Grand Lyon Metropolis; Grand Reims Urban Community; Grenoble-Alpes-Metropolis; Grand Paris Metropolis; Rouen-Normandie Metropolis; Metropolis of Aix-Marseille and Provence; Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis; Montpellier-Mediterranean Metropolis ;  Saint-Etienne Metropolis and Toulouse Metropolis.

The deployment of LEZs continues to grow, with 32 additional conurbations planned by 2030.

Au 1er janvier 2023, il existe 11 ZFE en France métropolitaine : Eurométropole de Strasbourg Grand Lyon Métropole Grand Reims Communauté Urbaine Grenoble-Alpes-Métropole Métropole du Grand Paris Métropole de Rouen-Normandie Métropole Aix-Marseille Provence Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur Montpellier-Méditerranée Métropole Saint-Etienne Métropole Toulouse Métropole.

Le déploiement des ZFE s’accélère, avec notamment 32 agglomérations supplémentaires prévues à horizon 2030.

To facilitate the use of charging stations, Oreve provides its customers with a free application that allows access to an ecosystem of useful services: geolocation of Oreve stations, integration into user routes, reservation of stations to limit waiting time, subscription, etc.

Oreve stations can accommodate all vehicle categories, from saloon cars to commercial vehicles and heavy-duty trucks (up to 26 tons).

Aimed at both professional and private users, our stations include a special area for charging heavy-duty trucks up to 26 tons (through or reversing), to ensure the safety and peace of mind of every user.

Charging time varies depending on the category of vehicle. The stations in the Oreve network are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, giving users the best possible recharging times (from 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the type of vehicle).
Oreve relies on ABB and Alpitronic charging stations, offering between 360 and 400 kW of power. The decision to use the latest generation of charging points also means that we have a power reserve, enabling dedicated management of the site’s charging points.
Oreve stations include additional services to make users comfortable during their waiting time: rest areas, Wi-Fi, fast food, toilets, shaded areas, etc.
Designed to accommodate all types of vehicles simultaneously, private users can use the Oreve network to charge their vehicles in complete safety. Our stations have a separate zone for heavy-duty trucks and light vehicles.
Oreve stations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find all the information you need about the location of Oreve stations and the availability of network terminals in our Oreve app.
Users with an Oreve card can charge their vehicle at any station in our network.

Safety, a fundamental value of the Ortec Group, also applies to all its subsidiaries, and Oreve is no exception. Intended for both professionals and individuals, our stations have an area reserved for heavy-duty trucks’ charging operations. The aim is to ensure that all users can charge their vehicles in complete safety.