Business solutions

Serving the Energy Transition

In a fast-changing regulatory framework, with the introduction of Low Emissions Zones (LEZs), and the ban of internal combustion vehicles for companies by 2035, the Oreve network is position to help companies, craftsmen and employees who use EVs respond to this new challenge.

Objective: Facilitate access to charging infrastructures as close as possible to where they live and work.

Charging stations for all types of vehicles

Oreve stations are designed and sized for all categories of professional electric vehicles, making it easy to charge their batteries at high-performance secure sites.

High Performance and Reliability

The charging stations are monitored and maintained on an ongoing basis. Their reliability is guaranteed, and their power level is suitable for all vehicle categories.

Oreve in Low Emission Zones (LEZs)

A local player, close to the needs of professionals, the Oreve network of stations is particularly well established in Low Emission Zones (LEZ), encouraging the use of electric rather than combustion-powered vehicles in city centers.

Confort and services for businesses

Our stations guarantee optimized recharging times and conditions. They also offer users access to an ecosystem of additional services (rest area, wi-fi, WC, etc.).

a charging station

Would you like to increase the value of your property in a business park or industrial area by hosting one or more superfast charging stations?